energy in life

Sometimes the power is just gone. Like blown away - no matter if it's raining outside or the sun is shining. It's like someone flipped the switch. Don't worry, feeling low on energy can happen to anyone, but it can be fixed just as quickly. I have put together a few ideas to give us more energy in everyday life.

Recharge your batteries with positive thoughts

Unfortunately, worries are the most diligent energy stealers of all. Now, of course, there are a variety of reasons why someone is afraid or has doubts. But it might help if you remember that you can always look at things from different perspectives. Anyone who sees challenges positively often feels that the lack of energy is also disappearing and draws new strength.

Conscious Eating

The body gets its energy from what it gets. We can spoil it if we eat healthily:

Lots of vitamins and fiber, for example berries, bananas or nuts

Chewing slowly and calmly is good because it allows the intestines to digest without stress.

Try to eat regularly so your body isn't stressed out by starvation or binge eating.

Good food is self-love and gives you new strength when you feel lacking in energy.

But everyday life does not always allow everything to be ideal. Don't put yourself under any pressure, just look forward to the next healthy meal.

time to go for a walk

It doesn't always have to be a sweaty sport. Even just going for a walk is a perfect balance, especially if you have to sit a lot at work. In addition, the blood circulation is improved and the heart rhythm calms down. All this gives you

more energy. You can even improve the effect if you let yourself be inspired by scents and colors in nature.

Laughter gives energy

Laughter is more than just an expression of great joy. It supplies the brain with oxygen, strengthens the immune system, improves lung function, reduces stress hormones and releases happiness hormones. It's not for nothing that laughter yoga exists! Of course, the easiest way is to sit down with a friend and have a good laugh again. That gives so much energy.

Take nice breaks

It's about small breaks from the constant stream of distracting stimuli.

Always being full of energy is not possible in the long run. This is why breaks during the day are incredibly important. "Niksen" is even a new trend word for this "doing nothing".

The most important thing is that the stronger the feeling of relaxation, the better and more effective it is for us.

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