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High, light-flooded rooms, each area with its own color concept, ergonomically coordinated and colorful furniture, a corner to relax, outdoor seating surrounded by flower pots - people will definitely like to come here to work. Jana Findeisen, the managing director of the office technology company of the same name, knows about the effect of colors and how important a creative and pleasant atmosphere at work is. She wants to convey this to her customers and lives it herself in her company. Yellow, the color of the sun, for example, cheers you up and promotes concentration. Orange increases sociability, blue relaxes and green encourages creativity. No wonder, then, that a large hummingbird with its iridescent, mysteriously colorful plumage is featured as a trademark above the entrance to her office. The work content of the IT office service provider is rather pragmatic: With the help of print, copy, scan and workflow solutions, conditions should be created for their customers so that they can work efficiently and take more time for their core tasks. And: Work should also be fun!

Jana Findeisen's father founded the company in Friedrichshain in 1990. It has been based in Marzahn since 1996. Jana, the trained industrial mechanic, initially did holiday replacement for her father there before she took over the company herself in 2013. Of course, a lot has changed since then, although the father still has a desk here. “First of all, I looked at how we could work more easily internally. Different times also require a different leadership style. Today you have to take care of the people more.” Of course also about the customers. The industry is not important. She wants to support the customer companies in their growth.

“We plan, set up and find software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for large companies. Everyone needs office technology,” says the company boss. You don't have to have the latest technology yourself. But I try everything out for my customers so that they are optimally equipped. Technology is a means to an end. But sometimes a sheet of paper is enough, she points out. A digital document, for example, requires an entire armada of technology, apart from the energy that it requires. "That's why we also sell products that you can use both in everyday life and at work," she explains and shows various pine wood products, from room air filters to water dispensers.

The paper materials come from Greenline and are made from recycled materials. The office furniture should be modern and functional, but also aesthetic.

That is why Jana Findeisen cooperates with leading office furniture manufacturers, such as the German company Deskin and the Swedish company Kinnarps, which also have the

committed to protecting the environment and values ​​natural products. It is also important that the employees sit in a healthy position and find a balance during work. In the break corners there is reading that stimulates the mind. There are water dispensers everywhere. You can do sports for a short time or go to the company sauna after work.

Before Jana Findeisen took over the scepter from her father, she got a taste of all areas of the company – administration, technology and sales – to get an idea of ​​what it was like. "It was a great challenge for me to support my father in letting go,

especially since I appreciate him very much,” she explains her situation at the time. In 2013 her children were still quite young, the son ten years old and the daughter seven years old. "Sometimes being self-employed means you're more flexible than other mothers," she says. So she used the gaps that arose in everyday business to also be there for her children.

Now the daughter is in the tenth grade and the son is doing his vocational diploma. He is currently doing an internship in his mother's company and, like her, is going through different departments. "Let's see how it turns out," says the proud mom. She would be happy if the company remained in family hands. In general, the next generation is important to her, also for the company. “We train office communication clerks, specialist salespeople (retail trade) and IT systems electronics technicians. Anyone who feels like working and is enthusiastic about office and service is welcome at Findeisen-Bürokommunikation. In 2016, two young people were trained. You are now part of the permanent tribe. "We need healthy, stable and reliable employees and treat each other with respect," she explains the company philosophy.

Jürgen Grimm has also been working here since September 2021. He manages customer and project development and takes care of sales coaching and internal projects. This is important for future company development. Management remains with Jana Findeisen. “We have 500 to 600 customers with whom we regularly do business, including many long-standing business partners such as housing associations, law firms, architects, engineers and tax offices.

Times are getting more demanding. This is what they saw during lockdown. "You have to keep calm and composure and move forward with confidence," says the managing director. The workforce was on short-time work for two to three months. The colleagues took turns with the work in two teams. Online sales are now being expanded further.

Journalist Angelika Giorgis

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